Can you lend a hand on a regular basis (at least twice monthly) at our Sunday morning sessions?

Lions are always keen to recruit new volunteers willing to help with running the club and instructing.

If you are willing to help out, whether it be to instruct, learn to instruct or help with general support duties, please follow the process below.
Please note: We would ask that new members do not volunteer until they have been part the club for six months; we want you to get to know the club before you make any commitment. We also need volunteers to be able to attend regularly and take responsibility for roles; although we are grateful for any offers of help, managing a large band of casual volunteers can be very time consuming and negate the benefits of their input.

Volunteer Process

1. Read our recruitment policy.
2. Contact a committee member by email to register your interest.
3. Your interest will be discussed at the next monthly committee meeting, following which you will be contacted by the relevant committee member to inform you whether the club can utilise your skills and time.
4. If so, we would then ask you to submit an application form.
5. Once we have received an official application, a recruitment interview will be arranged for you to meet with our Child Welfare Officer, Instructor Representative and any other relevant committee members.
6. Your application and interview will be discussed at the next monthly committee meeting.
7. We will contact you with feedback and start the ball rolling with organising the necessary training and certification – this may include DBS check, safeguarding training, first aid training and instructor training.

Thank you
Lions Ski Club