Monday Night Training

7.30pm – 9.30pm Snozone Castleford.

Strictly by invitation only!

All participants – please purchase a slope pass from the Snozone counter.

Race training subscriptions of £5 will be payable by anyone participating in race training (includes Lion’s instructors). No sub’s will be payable for valid Lion’s instructors to participate in instructor training or to freeski.

Overview – Lions Ski Club runs its advanced training session for two hours virtually every Monday of the year.  This is a closed session and is only for those members of the Club invited by either the Race Coaching Coordinator, for those doing race training, or by the Chief Instructor/Coach, for those participating in instructor training. Non-members are not allowed to attend this session. Due to the agreement we have with Snozone, Monday evenings are specifically for race training and instructor training, freeskiing by the general membership is therefore not permitted at discounted Lion’s rates.

Race Training – Lion’s runs a structured race training programme. This programme caters for all our athletes, from those starting out their ski racing careers through to those who represent the club in National and International competitions. Skiers are expected to first develop their skills at our Sunday morning sessions. Once they have passed the Snowlife 6 training level, skiers are promoted to the Sunday morning Development Coaching Group and finally onto the Monday Coaching Group; when their skills have developed sufficiently and the Race Coaching Coordinator is comfortable that they will meet the Club’s expectations of behaviour and commitment. At this point they will be invited for additional training on Monday evenings. Race training is provided by a combination of volunteer Lion’s coaches and external race coaches brought in as required. The Lion’s training programme runs in partnership with Jo Ryding of JR Ski Racing. Monday race training consists of drills based exercises, course practise and regular monthly timing nights. For further information on this training programme, please see the attached documents – Monday Night Presentation June 2017.pdf and Lions 2018 parent presentation 16-04-18.pdf

All news for race training will be provided through the closed group on Facebook, ‘Lions Ski Club – Racing’, to which anyone participating in the programme will be invited (if under 16, the parent/guardian will be invited).

Instructor Training – Lion’s runs a structured instructor training programme periodically through the year. This tends to be outside of the main European ski season dates due to coach availability and instructors being away skiing. This training is aimed at developing and maintaining a highly capable pool of volunteer Lion’s instructor, the very people who allow us to provide our highly successful Sunday morning training sessions for children and adults alike. All active Lion’s instructors are able to attend on Monday evenings for instructor training purposes, whether it be within the structured programme, for informal training or just to freeski. For further information about instructor training, or if you wish to become a volunteer ski instructor at Lions, please contact the Chief Instructor/Coach.

All news for instructor training will be provided through the closed group on Facebook, ‘Lions Ski Club – Instructor Forum’, to which all active Lion’s instructors will be invited.

Lion’s Monday Night Race ‘Management Team’.

John Curran (RCC – Manager, Coach and Snowlife Assessor)
Simon Pexton (Coach and  Assessor)
Kirsten Walton (Coach)
Mike Agutter (Coach)
Julian Nowell / Kenny Walton (Timing, advisory input and admin support)

Lion’s  Instructor Training Team.

David Murray (Head Instructor/Coach)
Mike Agutter (Coach)
Sarah Davey (Instructor Representative)