Chair (Officer of the Club) – Kenny Walton

  • Public face of the club
  • Manage the club and committee
  • Responsible for delivering the Club vision and strategy
  • Ensure good governance and compliance to policies/rules/codes of conduct
  • Liaison with SnoZone
  • Liaison with external bodies
  • Support and assist other Officers of the Club and Committee Members in their roles
  • Snowmark lead

Secretary (Officer of the Club) – Adam Lockwood (acting)

  • Administration – Responsible for all administrative duties including: organising meetings and agendas, taking and distribution of minutes from meetings, distribution of club information to membership and implementation/management of all club rules and policies
  • Fulfil statutory requirements placed upon Club such as insurance and affiliation
  • Membership – Responsibility for: front desk staffing, database management, liaison with new members, provision of membership information to SSE
  • Support and assist other Officers of the Club and Committee Members in their roles

Treasurer (Officer of the Club) – Julian Nowell

  • To account for the Income and Expenditure of Lions Ski Club
  • Responsible for forward planning of Club finances and strategy, and negotiations with Snozone
  • Support and assist other Officers of the Club and Committee Members in their role

Vice Chair (Officer of the Club) – Sarah Davey

  • Oversee that all sub-committee are conducted correctly
  • Volunteers – Identify what volunteer roles are needed, identify potential candidates and plan forward for ongoing needs. Ensure all volunteers have a role description and coordinate training/screening/mentoring in conjunction with other relevant officials/committee members
  • Merchandising – Manage procurement and distribution of all Lions Ski Club branded clothing/equipment
  • Organisation of external race events and support of internal races
  • External PR
  • Facilitate delivery of internal training courses – First Aid, Safeguarding etc in liaison with the relevant committee member
  • Support and assist other Officers of the Club and Committee Members in their roles

Child Welfare Officer – Emma Curran

It is a Snowsport England mandatory requirement for all affiliated clubs to appoint a Club Welfare Officer (CWO) and ensure they complete a Snowsport England/Snowsport England approved DBS and receive appropriate training. 

  • The CWO will be the first point of contact for all age safeguarding matters for everyone within the club, and for Snowsport England 
  • The Club must ensure the Snowsport England Safeguarding Lead is given the up-to-date contact details of their CWO 
  • The CWO will support the club to adopt and implement the good safeguarding practice necessary for the club to demonstrate its duty of care for children and adults. 
  • The CWO will be supported in their role by the Safeguarding Lead at Snowsport England 

Chief Instructor/Coach – David Murray (Retired Role)

Race Coaching (Monday Night) Coordinator – John Curran

Oversees all race coaching within Lions Ski Club, including any coaching groups and planning attendance at national / international races.

Sunday Morning Coordinator – Kate Barradell

Responsible for the assessing of all young skiers, and ensuring positive groups are created for instructors to use for every Sunday morning.

Social Secretary – Adam Lockwood (Retired Role)

Instructor Representative – Graham Hall (acting)

Overseeing the development plan of instructors and being the point of call for all instructors. This role will see its holder liaise with Snow Sports England to ensure licences and certificates are up to date as well as organising training for current and incoming instructors.

Adult Member Representative – Anna Wadsworth

Represents all adult members within the club. This covered both skiing and non-skiing members

Junior Member Representative – New Position

This position has been created to ensure that the young skiing members of our club have a voice on how the club moves forward. They will be responsible for taking on any new ideas from young members and relaying these to the wider committee.

Snozone Representative – Any one representative from Snozone