Please ensure you child is dressed appropriately. A few layers are better than one thick garment. Please ensure gloves fit and stay on well. 

Please ensure you child has some breakfast before they attend. Two hours skiing takes considerable energy and your child needs to be fuelled to undertake the activity. A snack in their pocket is acceptable as long as they manage it themselves. 

Lessons start at 8am. Please arrive in plenty of time to get changed and collect rental equipment. Late arrival on the slope may mean there is a delay in your child catching up with their Instructor and Snowlife group.

PLEASE drop off and collect your child in the area behind the barrier by the entry to the slope. There will be Instructors there to hand over your child at collection and drop off. It is a Health and Safety requirement from Snozone that anyone without a slope pass is not allowed on the slope. Please be mindful at busy times to clear that area quickly. If you do go on the slope you will be liable as an individual in the event of an accident and Snozone staff will ask you to leave that area.

All children under 16 MUST have a parent or guardian present in the viewing area at ALL times. Please listen out for names of children being called out by the Child Welfare Officer or deputy throughout the morning.  Please respond promptly. A delay in attending to your child can cause upset for your child and disruption to the rest of the children in their session. Instructors are not able to leave the slope to take a child to the toilet. 

Although the session is 2 hours for a variety of reasons this may be too long for some children. Please listen and be advised by their Instructor about how they are responding on the day. Sometimes young age, tiredness, reduced motivation, illness can mean that they cannot get the best out of a particular session and it may need to be shorter. The Instructors do work hard to make sure they all enjoy each session. 

Many thanks for your cooperation and we hope your child enjoys each session.